All too often, vendors are eager to pack up, get home, and don’t think about the real reason they were at a show. It’s so important to follow up and have a plan for after your show, as you will lose a lot of information within 24 hours. This week, I have composed a few tips for how to manage after show followups and information so you are successful and can measure it.

Have a Plan

As we said in the past, failing to plan is a plan to fail. At the end of the showcase, you may be tired, you likely will want to pack up and go home, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Make sure to plan on what you are going to do right after the show so that you are capturing information that will otherwise be lost. Write down your plan and make the appropriate arrangements.

Find a Quiet Place

Once you are all packed up, go find a quiet place where you can think. Bring a note pad and pen and get your ideas, thoughts, information, who you met, who you spoke to, and who you need to follow up with. If you have notes from the day (you should), make sure they are legible, clear, and that you will understand them in a few days when you have forgotten about them. Doing this in a quiet space helps to get all your thoughts out and keeps you focused, distraction-free. Tip: Don’t use an iPad or your phone for your notes. Use a pen and paper. Distraction free!

Review Your Notes

Once you have all your notes down, pack it in and pat yourself on the back for a day well done. Within 3 days, schedule time to look over those notes and make action plans on any action items. You can include all your leads generated from other sources on this as well but prioritise your notes. Likely, if you made a note about a particular lead, they are a better lead than someone who just dropped a card or signed up for a draw. You likely spoke to them directly or had a specific reason to follow up. Plan those calls for the next few days.

Follow Up

Within 4-5 days of the trade show, you should be putting yourself back in front of your lead. This can be an email blast, a follow up call, or a knock on a door depending on your business. Whatever it is, your goal is simple: remind the lead they are interested. This isn’t the time to drive sales, it’s the time to continue a conversation and encourage the lead to get better acquainted with the brand, product, or service. Just a quick email or phone call is all it takes to keep them interested.

Drive Home Some Sales

If you spent the time to get quality leads at the show, pushed them towards your objective, and started the follow up within 5 days, you are in a good place. Your lead is engaged, they are qualified, and you are ready to convert them to a sale. Use your normal sales tactics to get this person into the store, to attend a webinar, or further review service. You spent a lot of time and money to get these leads, so make sure to nurture them and work on them. Even if they are still only a 20% chance of converting, that is still far better than a cold lead.


If you have made it this far, you are probably thinking “well this all makes sense!”, and sure it does. So many businesses do not follow this model though, or any model for that matter. Make sure to realise the value of the leads generated at the showcase and nurture them. It will surely lead to better sales.

I hope everyone has a great show and has enjoyed the weekly emails and posts. I also hope they were of value to you! Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have further questions about the content. If I do not hear from you, I look forward to speaking with you all at the show!