Your Best Return on Investment – Shop Local Showcase Blogger Faith Casselman,

It may seem like Shop Local Showcase is a ways away, but to make the most of your investment, it is best to start preparing 1-2 months prior. Here are some pointers on how to be completely prepared and the most efficient for Shop Local Showcase.   Register Early An easy way to be cost effective while planning for the Shop Local Showcase is to fill out your application form […]

Why Do You Shop Locally? Written by Shop Local Showcase Blogger – Faith Casselman

When you think of shopping local, what do you think of?  It means something different to everyone.  Some support social business because of social reasons, for others it’s a political matter. At the end of the day, we all want to be part of a vibrant and economically thriving community. So, we shop locally.   IT BOOSTS OUR LOCAL ECONOMY. Yes, it’s true. When you support local business, you’re in […]

After the Show: Next Steps

All too often, vendors are eager to pack up, get home, and don’t think about the real reason they were at a show. It’s so important to follow up and have a plan for after your show, as you will lose a lot of information within 24 hours. This week, I have composed a few tips for how to manage after show followups and information so you are successful and […]

Eat, Play & Shop Local in Kingston

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling… where we shop and work, where we eat and have fun – all of it makes our community home and ours is Kingston and the surrounding area. Filled with quaint eclectic charm and nestled within a scenic and bountiful countryside, our home has all the conveniences of modern life. We are graced with history, heritage and a sense of great pride for […]

8 Logistics Tips For Success

So many companies buy into vendor booths and tables then forget about it until the day of the event. Not knowing what you are doing on the day leaves a lot of holes in your plan and sets you up for failure. In the past 4 articles, we have talked about a variety of things to help you get setup for the show. Lets look at those quickly and add […]

Booth Design: What Works & What Doesn’t

While we can’t tell you exactly how to setup your booth or table, we can give you some dos, don’ts, and let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Crafting The Perfect Elevator Pitch

A perfected elevator pitch does so much for your communication. It is a must for any business, and is a lot easier then you may think.

Setting A Measurable Goal for Your Showcase

Big business constantly sets goals, targets, and analyzes results. It’s how they compete with other brands, it’s how they grow, and it’s how they develop products. You may have heard a lot of buzzwords around all of these areas, but there is one (well two actually) that should stick out: measurable goals. Before you setup your booth, before you talk to a single customer, make sure you set a measurable […]

Building a Buzz: Advertising Ahead of the Showcase

The Shop Local Showcase is going to be an excellent event in the city of Kingston, showcasing local talent, business, and community while making it easier for people to shop local. Vendors – check out some of our tips to help promote ahead of the event!

Make your pledge to Shop Local this year!

Shopping local is something so many of try to do, and although it can be hard, it is so great for our local community. Make your pledge to shop local this year and help your local community succeed!