In the world of vendor fairs, showcases, and exhibits, you will see a lot of different designs, setups, and thoughts into what works and what doesn’t. Booth or table design and layout differ significantly for different products, services, and objectives for that particular showing. While we can’t tell you exactly how to setup your booth or table, we can give you some do’s and don’ts, and let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t Put Baby In A Corner

Do not set up your table at the front of your booth and stand behind it. Having the table in between you and your prospect is not going to help the situation. Instead, place your table at the back of your booth or stand in front of your table. It’s a lot easier to shake someone’s hand when there isn’t a table in the way.

Declutter Your Space

Your table should only have what is absolutely necessary on it, nothing more. Try to limit personal items as well, like phones, coffees, snacks, and laptops that are not there for showing your product or service. Keep things neat and organised. Hide unimportant items and personal things under your table cloth.

Respect Empty Space

An empty booth is no good, but a completely full booth is no better. The rule of thumb is about 40% empty space, so apply that to your booth and table tops.

Work To Your Objective

By now, you should have an objective for the day. When laying out your booth or table, keep that objective in mind. If a prospect comes up to me, do I have all the necessary pieces in place to meet my objective? Make sure if you need someone to write something down you have paper and pen ready. If you want them to walk away with a specific pamphlet, make sure those are front and centre. If you are giving away swag, have it out and ready to go.

Help Qualify Booth Traffic

When people come up to your booth, you want to make sure that those people are as qualified as possible. Use displays to help do that. Say your objective is to sell as many show specials as possible. Have a banner that promotes it and shows the price, so that when people see it they know the price already.

Practice Your Layout & Do the Granny Test

Don’t wait until the day of to think about this. Think about your layout, what will go where, and then set it up in your living room or basement. Have your kids, your spouse, and yes, your grandmother if possible come through the booth as if they were an interested buyer. It sounds goofy, but it will help you practice your elevator pitch and helps you understand if the booth really works to your objective. Ask those who test it what they believe was your primary objective and if they think there are any other ways to promote it.

While we can’t tell you how to layout your booth or table, we hope that these tips will help you get maximum results out of your booth. If you are looking for someone to test your setup, get in touch and we will help you out as we can. We can also help get the right banner setup for the showcase for much less than you may think. Good luck with your setup and good luck at the showcase!