Business Coaching for All Vendors

Coaches Ann Max of Productive to the Max and Laurie-ann Sheldrick of Contagiously Positive work with vendors for 6 weeks leading up to the Showcase

Our Business Coaches help you to get the most out of your Shop Local Showcase Investment

Ann Max, Productive to the Max:

Ann Max is a productivity trainer, consultant, coach and professional speaker. If you need to focus on you goals and reach your full potential, Ann is here to help. With a multi-faceted business background, she has helped high-level executives and their teams streamline their processes and increase productivity and entrepreneurs to succeed in growing and nurturing their businesses.

As president of Productive to the Max, she Makes Life Easy by guiding you through the personal and professional challenges you encounter on a daily basis. She helps define who you are, where you are going, how to get there and how to productively succeed.

She is no stranger to professional and personal struggle and uses her experiences to offer a non-judgmental and compassionate experience. With her lively sense of humour and empathetic style, Ann guides her clients through life’s challenges and paves the way to a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

Laurie-ann Sheldrick, Contagiously Positive

Contagiously Positive is a Health and Wellness Lifestyle Company who’s main purpose to help you unleash your inner Contagiously Positive. Laurie-ann Sheldrick is the founder and owner. A graduate of the Co-Active Training Institute, and the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, certified in both life coaching and health coaching, she founded Contagiously Positive so that she could guide women into nourishing their minds, bodies, hearts and souls.

When it comes to working with organizations, or with individuals in one-on-one coaching, her books, digital courses, workshops or speaking engagements, everything is geared towards offering solutions to people who want to enhance their lives. She works with people who want to change and who want to learn stress-free, fun (key to everything!), simplified, uncomplicated, and inspired ways on being happy, and healthy.