It may seem like Shop Local Showcase is a ways away, but to make the most of your investment, it is best to start preparing 1-2 months prior. Here are some pointers on how to be completely prepared and the most efficient for Shop Local Showcase.


Register Early

An easy way to be cost effective while planning for the Shop Local Showcase is to fill out your application form and have it submitted by the early bird deadline. Our deadline is March 20th, so why not save $50 and register now?

Become a Vendor!

Order your marketing materials sooner rather than later

It is best to have your pop-up banners, business cards, and other marketing materials designed and ordered at least 3 weeks before the show. This way you are assured to have your prints on time and you can thoroughly plan what your display will look like with your prints and signage in hand. There’s nothing worse than rushing during the final hours before an event to pick up materials. Try using a local printing company, this way you don’t need to worry about shipping costs, and if you need help with formatting you can go right in to talk to an employee.

Don’t waste money on swag. Put some thought into it.

We’ve all been to networking events where we leave with countless brochures, stickers, pens, bobble heads- you name it. Swag can be a great marketing tool for your brand when it’s thought out properly – if not, it can be a complete waste of your money. These card holders are a great example of effective swag. It aligns with the telecommunications brand because the product sticks on mobile phones. It’s useful, and the best part is that it is so visible- it makes for a great promotional tool. Local printers offer great options for all kinds of swag pieces, we highly recommend checking them out.


Have a strategy for lead generation

Tracking leads can sometimes be overwhelming, with so many people coming and going from your booth, it is easy to miss a potential customer’s contact information. Planning a strategy to help you generate leads is a sure way to avoid this. An effective tactic is holding a team training session the day before the event to assign specific roles, especially if there are more than two employees at your booth. If you are running a small business just starting up with limited employees, consider sending a family member who knows your product/ service backward and forward. This will add a personable touch, and save you from having to pay employees.


When it comes to collecting information from prospects, iPads are a great method because you can download lead generation apps that organize the data for you, like Infusion Soft- Contests are an easy way to informally ask for contact information, and a great way to spark interest in your business. If you are going to contact prospects to set up a coffee meeting, try not to wait longer than two days to do so. After two days they may have lost interest or simply forgotten what you chatted about.


Let your audience know that you will be at Shop Local Showcase Kemptville

If your target audience doesn’t know you’re going to be at the event, than you can forget everything you just read. This is the most important step in making sure you make the most out of your investment. The easiest way to let your audience know about events you are attending is by spreading the word on your social media platforms. Mention it in your e-newsletters and post it on your website.


Networking events and trade shows can be the best investment your business makes all quarter, or even all year. It just depends how prepared you are and how hard you work to make the most out of how you present your business and your overall marketing strategy. How will you make the most of your Shop Local Showcase 2020 investment on April 25th at the North Grenville Municipal Centre, Kemptville?  Don’t miss this opportunity to get out and meet your community, alongside other businesses.